On Tuesday of this week, this author had the opportunity to anchor a webinar titled: Your S&OP Analytics: Crystal Ball or Ball and Chain? 

In my presentation I addressed the forces that that are converging for S&OP teams to consider more leveraged use of predictive capabilities. I trust our readers had the opportunity to tune-in to this event sponsored by Steelwedge Software. Over 250 registered for this webinar and we were able to conduct some live polling exercises.  We also received some great questions from the audience.

If you did not have the opportunity  to tune-in, a recoding has been made available for playback.  I also authored a guest blog posting on the Steelwedge blog where I summarized the key takeaways from this webinar, along with a response to attendee questions. we were not able to fully address at the conclusion of the webinar.

 You can view tall of these by clicking on this web link.

Bob Ferrari