Well it has happened again at Boeing, another setback.  The company announced this week that the long awaited maiden test flight of the 787 Dreamliner jet will be delayed, which is certain to be disappointment to all of Boeings supply network partners. Here is a link to both the Business Week and Wall Street Journal articles.

This blog has provided many specific commentaries regarding Boeing setbacks, the latest being in February, Time to Move On at Boeing.  In that post, my observation was that while Boeing was in a highly enviable position to have over 800 planes on order backlog, recent setbacks reflected in a 10 week labor disruption, along with other incidents of supply chain outsourcing snafus, had placed the company in a negative light.  Essentially, it was time to move on, learn from the past, and get these planes delivered.

This latest delay brought on by what was reported as a need to reinforce certain sections of the aircraft is yet another disappointment for all involved.  Boeing’s supply chain partners will continue to be hurt with increasing production delays, and this is unfortunate for the entire industry.

Bob Ferrari