The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, thru its affiliated Supply Chain Matters blog, unveils three additional  individual 2022 Predictions for industry and Global Supply Chains.


In the six prior Supply Chain Matters postings in this 2022 Predictions series, we shared the context as well as our first four individual predictions:

Context Themes:

Global Economic Forecasts Portend Added Uncertainties for Supply Chain Management Teams

What Should Supply Chain Management Teams Expect In 2022 And Beyond

Individual Predictions:

2022 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains Revealed- Part Oneour prediction of overall product demand and supply networks outlook in the coming year. That prediction was stated:

With Elements of Uncertainty Continuing, the Supply Chain Challenges and Disruptions That Occurred in 2021 Will Linger Well into 2022, and Some Will Extend Into 2023.

2022 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains Revealed- Part Two- our prediction relative to restoring more direct control in inbound direct materials and supply management and stated:

Restoring More Direct Control in Strategic and Tactical Direct Material Sourcing Will be the Driving Force for Businesses and their Supply Chain Management Teams in the Coming Year.

2022 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains-Part Three included our prediction concerning supply chain talent recruitment and retention taking on critical importance.

Talent Recruitment and Retention Strategies Take Center Stage, Augmented by More Selective Automation Strategies.

2022 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains-Part Fourour prediction related to cybersecurity defenses and response stated:

Cybersecurity Defenses and Response Will Remain an Essential Requirement in Assuring Product Demand and Supply Network Business Continuity.


We now unveil an additional 3 predictions with a summarized synopsis associated with each of these added predictions.

Added Predictions

2022 Prediction Five- More Accelerated Efforts Will Be Applied to Targeted Business and Supply Chain Digital Transformation Process Needs.

Prediction Synopsis

There is now a wider sense of observation that the added shocks of 2021 have now presented a more compelling business case for digital business transformation. Our prediction is that digital transformation momentum will accelerate in 2022 and will focus on select, targeted business and supply chain digital transformational needs.

A further consideration is a collective sense that many CEOs are now more actively involved in sponsoring and shepherding digital transformation changes, including allocating funds and resources to springboard such efforts. They do so with the awareness that failure to do so will place their business and associated supply networks at a significant competitive disadvantage.


2022 Prediction Six- In Order to Accelerate and Provide More Success to Supply Chain Digital Transformational Process and Decision-Making Efforts, Companies Will Exercise a More Forward-Looking, Multi-Layered Based Data Management and Advanced Analytics Capabilities.

Prediction Synopsis

The year 2022 will be the advent of what Procter & Gamble has successfully deployed as “Citizen Data Analysts” across operational, procurement, planning, customer service and other supply chain and product management functions. This is becoming described as analyst/developer conceived analytics and decision-making capabilities, pre-integrated by either technology providers or in-house analysts, anchored in advanced levels of visualization tools, geared toward analyzing continuous real-time data streaming data at scale.

It will further require a distinct perspective for supply chain and IT teams, which being an emphasis for investing in required data insights as contrasted with seeking higher levels of end-to-end supply chain visibility.


2022 Prediction Seven- Expect an Added Investment Boom in Supply Chain Focused Technology and Software, Both in Market Consumption, Equity Investment and M&A Dimensions.

Prediction Synopsis

Similar to what occurred in 2021, an avalanche of equity investment funding will continue to be directed to solving specific supply chain operations, planning and decision-making challenges. Some will be successful, and some will undergo noticeable setbacks.

We further predict a heightened cycle of M&A activity directed a specific attractive market segments, especially those related to supply chain logistics and order fulfillment. Certain ones will likely involve very large and high visibility technology providers.

We anticipate added adoption of artificial intelligence/machine learning enabled processes directed at compelling needs in supply chain knowledge acquisition and in select process automation needs. We expect supply chain control tower capabilities directed at either operational logistics or advanced and concurrent planning processes will garner added adoption.

Our next posting related to this 2022 predictions series will unveil our remaining three predictions.

The full complement of predictions will be published in a Research Advisory report that will be made available on January 17 on a complimentary basis in our web site Research Center.

During the remainder of this quarter, readers can anticipate further blogs and additional podcast recordings directed at further exploring the detailed perspectives of these predictions.


Bob Ferrari

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