As we now enter the final quarter of 2019, the Supply Chain Matters blog outlines our process timeline leading up to the publishing of our 2019 annual predictions for industry and global supply chains.  2019 Predictions

As many of both our supply chain management research clients and Supply Chain Matters subscribers may be aware, we research and publish annual predictions related to the many areas that umbrella supply chain management each year.  Our research clients and blog readers always look forward to reading and factoring such predictions in annual planning and investment considerations.  Our annual predictions further serve as a baseline of added research and blog commentary discourse in the coming year.

As part of the process, we factor annual predictions related interviews, viewpoints and perspectives from our clients, specific supply chain organizations or technology or services providers focused on supply chain management.


Regarding overall timing, our process begins with the score carding of our existing 2018 predictions.  A key predictions differentiation that we pride ourselves in is that our process includes a candid look-back to help readers assess trending and consequences of specific predictions. This look-back and score-carding will occur in the time period of mid to late November via Supply Chain Matters.

During that same period, we will be polling clients, industry participants and noted industry watchers regarding what they anticipate in 2019 given their experiences, interactions and travels.

We plan to unveil our 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains in the period from mid to late December, again via a series of Supply Chain Matters commentary blogs. That will be followed with our associated and more detailed research report scheduled in the early January 2019 period.


With this blog, we are inviting contributors to submit either interest in participating in an interview, or contributing specific content related to beliefs as to what industry and global supply chains should anticipate in 2019.

Obviously, we cannot guarantee that all contributions will make the final listing, but we will, rest assured, review and consider all inputs submitted.

In terms of the process, please email interest or specific content to the following address:

supplychaininfo <at> theferrarigroup dot com .

Insure that the email title indicates: 2019 Predictions Input.


Stay tuned to Supply Chain Matters the week beginning on November 12 for our revisit and score carding of current year predictions, along with implications of same.


Bob Ferrari, Managing Director, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and parent of the Supply Chain Matters blog.


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