There is little question that supply chain talent development and retention has become a top of mind multi-industry challenge. Supply chain leaders express frustration in their efforts to find talent with correct skills.  Desired skills include embracing the flood of new technologies making their way into supply chain business processes, understanding of global business cultures and facilitating organizational change. The reality is that business, technology and supply chain business challenges are out-distancing current skill and talent needs.

Among our editorial goals of Supply Chain Matters are efforts directed at sharing how and why supply chain capabilities do matter in influencing positive business benefits.  Another inherent goal is to help in identifying the various changing skill needs required for building a successful organization and a rewarding career in the various areas of responsibility that makeup our profession.

As an independent supply chain industry analyst and as the Founder and Executive Editor of this blog, I have the opportunity to influence groups in their strategies for hiring, attracting training and retaining exceptional supply chain talent.  In my role as Editor, I also receive helpful and insightful materials related to supply chain skills development.

From time to time, the staff at Canadian based Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting delivers talks to candidates who desire to enter supply chain management roles. According to a recent blog posting from Argentus, the biggest question often asked is succinctly what specific hard and soft skills are organizations looking for in their hiring and recruiting efforts.

Based on the numerous conversations and associated searches conducted, Argentus developed the infographic appearing below highlighting the major areas of skills and polish that hiring managers are seeking to build their supply chain management teams. They graciously granted us the permission to reproduce the infographic for the benefit of our Supply Chain Matters reading audience.

While on the specific topic of supply chain management skills and talent management, let me also take the opportunity to alert readers of the QAD ERP community that I will be participating in a panel discussion being featured as part of the upcoming QAD Explore conference being held May 2-5 in Chicago. Our panel will address the looming skills gap in manufacturing and supply chain management along with a discussion of innovative ways to attract and retain talent.

Join us for our panel discussion session that is scheduled for Thursday, May 5 in Chicago.

Feel free to share in the Comments area the specific skill needs and skill gaps that your organization has encountered along with practices underway to address such needs.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor