As clients and visitors might have surmised, it has been a long time since we have updated The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group destination home page. While we have managed to plod along with some dated content management tools, the time was long overdue to upgrade. Further, it this new world of mobile, it was time for our research and consulting web destination to be more mobile-enabled.
We are therefore pleased to inform clients and blog readers that both of our destination websites, Research and Consulting as well as the Supply Chain Matters blog have now been upgraded to an entirely new WordPress content platform. The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group
Both web sites being managed and updated by the same underlying technology tools helps us to provide a more engaging and robust presence with timelier content updating tools. We especially appreciate the opportunity to not have to update two web sites with different behind the scenes CMS tools.
Visitors to our research and consulting web site will be able to click on the latest or most read Supply Chain Matters updates while being able to take advantage of more streamlined navigation. All contact and social media web links are now prominently appearing on our home page. We have a newly designed corporate logo, more simplified menu drop-down navigation along with additional features to secure direct visitor feedback or requests for information. Our Research Center can now be accessed from either web site and we have fixed issues related to document downloading and behind the scenes maintenance of image thumbnails. Clients and blog readers can anticipate more research documents and added content being made available for downloading.
Supply Chain Matters has been converted to a new WordPress theme and visitors will also experience more streamlined navigation, more interactive and responsive features. Current Supply Chain Matters’ reader currently stored browser bookmarks should not be impacted nor should automatic email updates for registered subscribers. We also have a new blog sponsor and stay tuned for that announcement. Supply Chain Matters blog
We value your direct feedback in interacting with each of our new web destinations.
Thanks again for your continued loyalty and interest.
Bob Ferrari
Managing Director, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group
Founder and Executive Editor, Supply Chain Matters
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