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I am Bob Ferrari, the Founder and Executive Editor of this blog. I have been a supply chain management business process and technology industry analyst for over 20 years, having senior roles it two different top-tier industry analyst firms along with leadership and technology strategy support roles in many business process areas related to supply chain.

I founded Supply Chain Matters in 2008 with our banner that implies supply chain do matter for enabling business outcomes. That tenet clearly came to the forefront during the three plus years of the global-wide Covid-19 pandemic.

This blog serves as a means to provide readers an end-to-end business process and technology perspective for both specific industry and global based supply chains.

Since our founding, this blog has expanded its readership and Supply Chain Matters  has consistently been recognized as one of the top read independent thought leadership blogs in the area of supply chain management. Our coverage of supply chain management focused technology is broad and wide ranging, including software applications, B2B supply chain and business network platforms, advanced technologies addressing today and tomorrow’s physical and digital technologies.

Today, our context is beyond that of supply chains, and includes the interlinked B2B and B2C customer demand, supply and value-chain networks making up industry and global companies. The umbrella of supply chain management that we context includes product management, supply chain strategy, procurement, planning, customer fulfillment, logistics, transportation and customer service management.

Industry analyst and consulting services are delivered by our parent firm, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group.

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Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

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