I seems more and more of us are getting our fill of all the negative news that continues to flood the media and the blogsphere concerning this horrid global recession, the state of the economy, supply-chains, and other business-related issues.  Enough already!  Surely there has to be some positive and uplifting news out there.

In an effort to add my part toward accentuating more positive news, in whatever dimensions. I would like to extend a challenge to Supply Chain Matters readers.  Send me your positive stories.

It may be a supply chain initiative that turned out to be very successful in spite of this economy, a person who went beyond the call of duty to satisfy a customer, or an organization where people love the work their doing every day.

Send your stories to supplychaininfo@theferrarigroup.com. That’s supplychaininfo at theferrarigroup (dot) com. Please provide your contact information so I can validate the information.  I will insure that the they get featured in Supply Chain Matters. And for my part, I will try every week to find one positive or uplifting nugget to share with my readers.

Bob Ferrari