When I was an industry analyst at AMR Research covering the supply chain planning area, I had the opportunity to evaluate and participate in the market introduction of many innovative technology companies. Some were borne out of R&D initiatives at major technology companies where the core innovators and software Ph.D.’s then left to launch a next generation technology. One of these companies, Sockeye Solutions, had understood that the impact of globalization coupled with exponential advances in technology would mean that a company’s competitive advantage would lie in their ability to unify their entire value chain. They developed a unique technology platform that enables multi-tier collaborative business process orchestration.

Sockeye’s founding team was comprised of top supply chain technologists who had a long history of working together on innovative supply chain optimization software at several companies. They joined Baan where their mandate was to design and develop a next generation web-based platform to manage and automate the flow of information and inventory across an extended value chain. The Sockeye team has now brought its product to Vecco International. While Vecco is a relatively new firm, it has significant resources and its leaders have deep roots in global manufacturing operations. The software suite, named Allegro, was designed for manufacturers and other enterprises to synchronize and orchestrate complex inbound and outbound processes across an extended supply chain. Allegro includes one of the first and most comprehensive applications of “dynamic replenishment”, a collaborative execution process enabling manufacturers and their strategic suppliers to streamline and automate order replenishment flows, co-manage inventories, and dynamically balance supply and demand. Another major differentiator in Allegro is its technology platform, built and deployed on a true Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This means that users can rapidly create and modify applications through configuration without the need for custom software, and can then deploy and scale those applications on the fly. Sockeye successfully deployed Allegro within a large scale global high tech firm, probably one of the largest, validating its capability to execute complex multi-tier supply chain processes in dynamic, time-critical environments.

Flash forward to today: Jonathan Kall, a seasoned executive who has a track record of successful manufacturing high-technology start-ups and turnarounds, has now relaunched Allegro under the wings of Vecco International.  Jonathan and his team bring vision and business savvy that help executives focus on the business value of these types of solutions, and turn their strategic plans into reality. Vecco’s mantra is “adaptive business network collaboration,” and it makes sense.  Allegro is designed as an overlay to companies’ existing systems and supply chains, allowing them to collaborate with their customers and trading partners more effectively and adapt to changes in real time without having to replace or dramatically reconfigure current systems. Allegro allows for  quick deployments of complex business processes across end-to-end supply chains including inventory and procurement collaboration, dynamic fulfillment, demand-supply matching and outsourced visibility across both inbound and outbound networks. Allegro is arguably the first commercial supply chain collaboration platform built from the ground up to handle complex multi-partner collaboration processes on a global scale.

I have had the opportunity to view this latest offering as well as work with the Vecco management team. I get their focus on “adaptive business network collaboration,” and believe Allegro represents the next generation of flexible collaboration solutions. The exciting thing is that today the industry has matured to where it is finally ready to leverage this type of collaborative technology.

If your organization has needs for transformational change in extended supply chain visibility and global value chain orchestration,  you may want to check out Vecco International.

Bob Ferrari

Disclaimer: Vecco International is a client of the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC.