I came across a great supply chain related article for this holiday season.  Mike Cassidy on SiliconValley.com notes UPS’s two-wheeled delivery secret.

As Cassidy notes in his opening sentence: UPS, the mammoth delivery company, tackles it with hundreds of cargo jets, thousands of big rigs, tens of thousands of those familiar delivery vans- and Justin Hurst’s bike.” Hurst is one of about two dozen UPS workers who is peddling a $700 bike to deliver holiday packages to Silicon Valley area homes. You can actually view the video of Justin’s activities embedded in the article.

It seems that UPS has discovered that it is far cheaper to provide a bike than to have to rent additional trucks to augment peak holiday delivery needs in Northern California.  This effort is of course a wonderful statement toward green and sustainability commitment, since a certain amount of carbon emitting delivery vans have been replaced by good old fashioned pedal power.

Two thoughts come to mind.  First, what kind of shape are Justin and his fellow bikers in to be able to make all those round trips.  Second, does this mean that UPS won’t add a fuel surcharge to the shipping rate?

Attention all transportation managers- UPS has found the new secret of green.  Now if they could figure out how to utilize a high speed electric bike, the world would be a better place.

 Bob Ferrari