Supply Chain Matters provides a brief update to our previous pre-weekend breaking news commentary regarding U.S. West Coast reports approaching potential shutdown.  Port Congestion

A published report by the Los Angeles Times indicates that ship unloading resumed today as labor negotiations continued. The two sides were expected to meet again this afternoon. Allegations among the two sides continued, with union disputing PMA claims that there are nearly no spaces left on the docks for unloading or reloading operations. Each party is accusing the other of attempting to gain the upper-hand in ongoing talks.

Meanwhile, the LA Times cites a report from the marine Exchange of Southern California as indicating that as of Sunday morning, there were 31 ships anchored off the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports waiting for available unloading berths. By Monday morning, 8 of the moored ships had moved into port in expectation to be unloaded, leaving 23 at anchor.

Obviously the operational situation continues to deteriorate.