I am pleased to share with our Supply Chain Matters readership that I will be one of two featured speakers in an upcoming webinar: Reduce Operational Risks and Costs with Agile Supply Chain Solutions, to be held on October 7, 2010, and being jointly co-sponsored by Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Aspen Technology.

In this webcast, I’ll be sharing and commenting upon key industry business challenges facing the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry, an industry that is undergoing tremendous amounts of business change.  I’ll speak to the unique challenges facing pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chains in the coming years, along with the state of industry best practices and important considerations in deploying industry manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.  Additionally, I’ll be providing a case study example that summarizes last year’s high visibility day-to-day efforts by the industry to accommodate the needs for H1N1 vaccine, which we covered extensively in Supply Chain Matters. This incident best highlights the ongoing need for increased adaptability, flexibility and efficiency capabilities for the industry.

If you reside or provide products and services to this industry, you won’t want to miss this webcast.  Please take the time to sign-up and register at the following registration link.

Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor