We wanted to again alert our Supply Chain Matters readers to an upcoming webinar, The Potential of the Social Supply Chain, which is being held on Thursday, March 10 at 10am Eastern time,  3pm London time.

There has been a lot of discussion revolving around the emergence of what author Geoffrey Moore terms as ‘System of Engagement’ or the social web.  Much of the current activity has been channeled in the marketing, sales and service aspects for conducting business.  Important questions however for supply chain management executives to ponder is whether there is a business case for use of social web in supply chain business processes. Consider for a moment  how today’s omnipresent access of networks, the fast emergence of the empowered mobile worker, and the fact that today’s supply chains extend to all forms of the globe, are quickly changing the dynamics of business.  More importantly, business activity is becoming virtual and in the moment.

This webinar sponsored by both RaptureWorld and Kinaxis, will explore some current concepts for leveraging social concepts in supply chain processes. Trevor Miles, Director of Thought Leadership for Kinaxis will provide context for the social web.  Lora Cecere, Partner in the Altimeter Group will speak to concepts and examples of social web that are occurring within the demand side of supply chain.  Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor of our Supply Chain Matters blog will explore concepts and relative examples related to the supply view of supply chains.

Since this is such an interesting topic which provides many viewpoints and perspectives this webinar will also include some time for back and forth discussion of current perspectives and there is also some time allowed for fielding audience questions related to this interesting topic.

Please join us in this interesting and timely webinar by registering at the following web link.


Disclosure: Kinaxis is one of other sponsors featured on the Supply Chain Matters blog.