Last December, 195 nations became party to the Paris Climate Agreement, now referred to as COP21, declaring that climate change is a global priority and committing the majority of nations towards holding the increase in global average temperature below 2 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels. In an upcoming Accenture Trend Talk webcast, Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari examines the more significant role industry and global supply chains will invariably play in helping their organizations achieve far broader and more aggressive efforts at mitigating the growth of greenhouse emissions.

Bob’s takeaway message will be that rather than adding significantly added challenges, COP21 and the Paris Climate Agreement should be viewed as the opportunity for broader and bolder product value chain strategy that places Sustainable Business as the primary objective.

This upcoming Accenture Academy Trend Talk formatted webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19 starting at 10 AM Eastern Time. Only current clients of Accenture Academy are eligible to participate and can register at this Accenture registration web site.

After his Accenture Trend Talk, Bob will be sharing a synopsis of the key messages delivered in a subsequent Supply Chain Matters posting.