In this blog we want to alert our Supply Chain Matters readers to our next episode of our podcast series.

The subject will be: New Manifestations of Lean Thinking and Connected Manufacturing. Our guest will be Richard Lebovitz, a 30-year lean manufacturing expert and a widely recognized thought leader in lean thinking and just-in-time manufacturing processes.

In late February, Richard Lebovitz, who is the Founder of two technology focused companies managing lean factory management, authored the Supply Chain Matters guest blog: Lean Manufacturing For Today’s Customer-Driven Supply Chain.

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In our podcast discussion, we discuss the significant outside-in market forces and cascading disruptions now occurring across multiple industries, and how manufacturers should address their process and technology support strategies to better manage these conditions, both today and in the new normal of constant market and business change. We address how classic just-in-time thinking is being redefined from zero or just-enough inventory to hybrid pull-push models balanced for supply network risk and resiliency. We further converse on the notions of hat is termed Connected Manufacturing and Cloud based connectivity for factory management.

This podcast will publish on Supply Chain Matters on Tuesday, June 15, and we encourage readers to ark your to-do list to revisit this platform on that date to play our entire interactive session.


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