In this posting we wanted to alert our Supply Chain Matters readers to an upcoming recorded podcast episode addressing effective communication with the CFO and C-suite executives on matters involving supply chain strategic, tactical and operational dimensions.



Over nearly three years of various product demand or supply management disruptions, multi-industry supply chain management teams have had to assist in enhancing business and operations planning, product demand enhancement, supply resilience, or needs to quickly pivot business or product focus.

Now, a topic that remains on the minds of many C-suite and supply chain leaders is having the voice of the supply chain considered in line-of-business, product management and overall business direction decision-making. That includes continuity of the business itself.

Many businesses are coming to the understanding that there is an urgent need for integrated business, supply chain planning and execution strategy to become more of a fabric and consideration in C-Suite driven decision making, especially that of the CFO. Such communication spans quantitative, qualitative and now advanced analytical dimensions.

Fundamental for this to occur is the ability for business planning and supply chain teams to both understand, communicate and interact in the language of the CFO, which is that of a business-wide perspective.


Episode Overview

Our invited guest for this rather timely upcoming episode is Matthew Spooner who serves as an industry thought leader at supply chain planning and execution orchestration technology provider Kinaxis.

Supply Chain Matters podcastBefore joining Kinaxis, Matthew worked in corporate finance, managing corporate restructuring at European based ABB, a global technology company serving industrial, utility and infrastructure customers. Prior roles included Vice President of Planning and Fulfillment which was responsible for global wide supply chain planning processes. He was further an analyst with technology research firm, Gartner, where he was responsible for supply chain planning research.

Our recorded conversation addresses how CFO and C-Suite executives typically view the role and contribution of a firm’s supply chain, and how that has changed. We explore how integrated business and supply chain planning and execution strategy will become more prominent in providing needed context in business strategic, tactical and operational decision-making.

With the year 2023 on the near horizon, and with increasing concerns for global-wide economic downturn and continuing global supply chain disruptions, Matthew addresses the most important considerations that CFO’s typically weigh in such environments and how integrated business and supply chain planning teams should be preparing and communicating information, needed scenarios and business context in this likely to be highly uncertain environment.

This podcast episode will air on next Tuesday, November 15 on this Supply Chain Matters platform.

Make a note to visit and listen to this very timely episode.

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Bob Ferrari

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