Over on Sourcing Innovation, Sudy Bharadwaj, technology executive most recently with Inovis, has penned a guest posting, Is there a T in BPM? ,  that those of you involved in business process management (BPM)  initiatives may want to check out. Based on his 20 tears of experience, Sudy offers some rather practical advice on how teams should successfully undertake such initiatives.

The pointers I especially liked and would reinforce with our readers, are to have a thorough understanding of the subject process before getting into a discussion on technology alternatives.  Sudy’s other wise counsel lies in avoiding the use of internal acronyms in describing the tenets of any process.  I can’t tell you how many times I have encountered teams who insist in communicating in the internal acronyms that only they understand.  Using generally understood industry or supply chain terms forces teams to clearly articulate the purpose and expected deliverables of a given process, and as Sudy notes, can also aid in better communication and understanding.

Bob Ferrari