The blogsphere continues to generate a lot of commentary and opinion regarding Toyota’s very visible product quality crisis.  Supply Chain Matters most recent commentary can be viewed at this link.

As a supply chain community we also need to do more reflecting on how can situations such as the ongoing Toyota incident be better mitigated with the use of advanced technology.  I came across a very interesting commentary of how information discovery technology can be marshaled as a tool to aide in visibility.

Over on the Search Facets blog, hosted by Endeca, CTO Adam Ferrari (no, there is no relation to me whatsoever) provides a commentary of a recent unscripted product demonstration that he conducted for an audience in Toronto.  The company is working on a new warranty analytics application, and Adam’s demo was to screen available information from the U.S. NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) database utilizing the new protype.  He describes that his style is to usually conducts a demo utilizing certain personal information. Since Adam drives a Toyota RAV4, he began performing queries on that model vehicle.  I won’t take away from the thunder from Adam’s story, but suffice it to say rather interesting complaint tags were evident to the surprise of Adam and his audience..

I am planning to do some follow-on commentary on the benefits of this new type of technology in regards to supply risk management, so stay tuned.

Bob Ferrari