Throughout 2014, Supply Chain Matters has provided a number of insights related to the increased importance of B2B business networks among multiple industry settings.  We were thus rather pleased to read of the top ten supply chain “E” lessons of the year from the lens of Elemica, a process industry focused B2B supply chain network technology provider. The lessons were assimilated from real customer experiences and Elemica’s involvement to help businesses move forward in the New Year.

Included in these 2014 lessons learned are observations that supply chains are becoming more of an ecosystem, rather than disparate parts and that an outside-in perspective that integrates and synchronizes product, demand, and supply networks to optimize joint value have become important alignment objectives. Other lessons included are the movement away from a sole manufacturing, to more of a supply chain view linking end-to-end supply and demand visibility. From our lens, that is a rather noteworthy important learning among process based manufacturers.

Other noted lessons include building better relationships with B2B social collaboration methods, more emphasis on predictive and prescriptive analytics and a concentrated effort toward a single view of business via unified master data management (MDM).

Bob Ferrari