Supply Chain Matters sponsor Kinaxis yesterday announced that it will hosting a new series of invited weekly posts from a variety of supply chain thought leaders on its 21st Century Supply Chain blog.    I am both pleased and honored to be invited to join this group of contributors for this series.

The idea which came from the Kinaxis marketing team is a great one, gathering a variety of commentary related to either thought provoking topics or significant business challenges that will be impacting supply chain professionals in the coming years. It is also a great way to leverage the power of collective blog commentary toward two-way commentary and exchange of the key thought leadership topics facing industry supply chains.

I will be sharing my thoughts on what I believe will be the next wave of structural changes that will impact global supply chains.  The magnitude and scope of the current global downturn I believe will lead to a new wave of structural changes on both the supply and demand structures of industry supply chains.  These changes I fear will once again cause us to reexamine sourcing methodologies, business process needs, and specific supporting technology

We are still finalizing the publish date for this posting, and my thoughts will be simultaneously published on both the Supply Chain Matters as well as The 21st Century Supply Chain blog, so you will be able to view or comment on either site. 

In the meantime, if you are welcomed to share any specific requests for what you would like me to touch upon in my post, in the Comments section of this entry.

Bob Ferrari