Once again, the value of industry supply chains and the notions of the contributions of all those directly or indirectly associated with supply chain management were recognized and understood by many this year.

During this ongoing COVID-19 impact period, the Supply Chain Matters blog and our research arm provided enhanced content related to industry, business multi-industry supply chain management and technology implications of this unprecedented period.

On this New Year’s Eve we once again express our sincere thanks to the many global-wide readers of Supply Chain Matters for your continued support and recognition. We trust that you have found benefit and added insights. We once again trust that our clients and readers have been able to take some time to reflect on what each of you has personally accomplished, and on the value of family and loved ones.

For those that have been personally impacted by significant loss or illness in this pandemic, we extend our condolences and thoughts.

Thanks again and since wishes for a rewarding New Year.


Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor