Supply chain technology vendor Kinaxis made an announcement today that has nothing whatever to do about the next greatest release of its technology.  It has more to do with a behavior supply chain professionals have not had the opportunity to practice during these past long months of global recession, namely inserting some entertainment fun to supply chain topics.

Since the industry has had its share of headaches, and should not be serious all of the time, the genius marketing team at Kinaxis decided to launch this new entertainment venue complete with parodies and skits.  I myself viewed a couple of episodes of the Late Late Supply Chain Show which provided me a few chuckles.  Do you know that the term Kanban actually comes from the Brits?  Check it out yourself.

Who knows, maybe yours truly will be a featured guest.

 Let it me noted that according to the 9th of the top ten reasons, you heard about it first on Supply Chain Matters.

Bob Ferrari

Full Disclosure: Kinaxis is one of the paid sponsors of Supply Chain Matters