This week, Supply Chain Matters will be attending the 2019 Open Text’s Enterprise World customer conference being held in Toronto.

Businesses, their associated senior supply chain management executives and multi-functional supply chain management teams across the globe, now more than ever, require added intelligence and agility in decision-making.  They need capabilities in the ability to more quickly respond to a rapidly changing global economy, more educated and demanding customers, shifting markets, and increased business network risks.  Open Text Corporation

At the same time, supply and customer fulfillment networks have become far more significant in serving as a prime focal point for bringing together a more end-to-end view of processes and decision-making needs.

This year’s conference theme will be Leveraging the Information Advantage.

In the book, The Intelligent & Connected Enterprise, published by OpenText Corporation, CEO Mark J. Barrenechea, he describes the following:

To unlock the power of its information, the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise will plug into its customers’ digital ecosystems. It will integrate technologies that enhance automation (like machine-to-machine communications, the IoT, AI and analytics) with legacy IT infrastructure, standardize it’s data access systems and create dynamic and flexible processes to support new technologies and devices.”

The end-goal is moving beyond existing islands of information or data silos, to enable business and network-wide decision-making processes that span systems of planning, customer fulfillment, logistics and transportation, customer and internal operating assets. That includes integrating all forms of electronically stored structured and unstructured content, documents and contextual information that aides important context.

Supply Chain Matters will feature highlights of this year’s conference along with additional commentary related to the Open Text Business Network ongoing product strategies and product development timetables.

Stay tuned for further highlights.


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