The Supply Chain Matters Quarterly Newsletter is a reader supplement to this blog.  The newsletter provides for a broader analysis of our daily and weekly commentaries, with an emphasis on this past quarters events and their implications for global supply chain business process and information technology needs.

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Our latest newsletter features the following selected themes that dominated global supply chain events from April through June 2012:

  • Continued turbulence and uncertainty in the global economy driving supply chain pullbacks and reduced activity.
  • What really is motivating the current resurgence in U.S. manufacturing sourcing?
  • The changing organizational dynamics involving information technology and its relationship to the future success criteria for supply chain management leaders.
  • The conundrum of an industry supply chain with multiple years of customer order backlog and increasing supply chain risk.
  • An example of opportunity lost from major supply chain disruption.
  • Increasing dynamics involving the supply chain information technology landscape

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Bob Ferrari- Executive Editor