We are very pleased to welcome our new Sustaining level sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog, Progress Software.

This author became familiar with Progress and its capabilities while attending, speaking, networking and writing observations  from the annual Progress Revolution Conference last fall.  Having the opportunity to attend a dinner meeting consisting of select Progress supply chain management related customers provided me a deeper understanding of the importance of coupling business process management and real-time information access in insuring timely decision-making in execution and planning of supply chain business processes.

Progress Software develops enterprise software that supports business process management (BPM), event-driven visibility and open integration of information. While the name Progress may not be a totally familiar name to the supply chain functional audience, we suggest that our readers keep this company on your radar scope, especially regarding the Progress capabilities in assisting customers in developing and supporting their supply chain control tower technical and business platform needs.

In that context, this author will be featured in an upcoming Supply Chain Management Review and Progress Software sponsored webcast: The Supply Chain Control Tower: Moving Beyond Just Visibility, to be held on May 10 at 2pm eastern time. Please join us in this event.

Today, supply chains represent constant information in motion, and BPM approaches to capturing, analyzing and predicting outcomes can produce value for businesses. Various forms of supply chain control towers are being discussed and formulated by leading-edge organizations, and throughout the year, Supply Chain Matters will continue to  provide continuous education for this important emerging area.

Progress brings a state of the art Control Tower that is addressing aspects of supply chain execution, built on cutting edge technology that works with, rather than in place of existing backbone systems and infrastructure.  Companies such as Dell, Havi Logistics, DHL and Volvo are currently leveraging Progress Software solutions and we anticipate more will follow.

We recommend readers take the time to check out Progress’s support of supply chain information needs by clicking on the Progress Software logo in our sponsorship panel. A brief description of capabilities is also included in our About Our Sponsors panel, listed under Progress Software.

We thank Progress and all of our existing sponsors, for their support of recognized thought leadership in supply chain business process and control tower technology needs, and in choosing to add their names to Supply Chain Matters in 2012.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor