Within supply chain circles there has been a long and varied history associated with the overall uptake and broader implementation of Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) processes, specifically among retailers and consumer goods providers. Going as far back as ten years, there were numerous attempts to increase joint adoption of CPFR, but lack of trust, consistent standards, information integration and other business factors got in the way.  The process itself suffered from unmatched expectations and some over hype as to immediate benefits. However, this is changing.

On the TEC Blog, Predrag Jakovljevic has penned a perceptive and rather timely commentary on the coming of age of CPFR. It is one of the more in-depth commentaries contrasting the state of both CPFR and S&OP processes.  He points out that CPFR painstakingly takes commitment and time, along with appropriate enabling technology.  However, the current economy and business climate has changed the motivations of both consumer goods manufacturers and retailers toward more enhanced collaboration because of important shifts in business strategy needs.

I really enjoyed reading P.J.s’ commentary and I extend a tip of the hat for penning a great commentary.

Bob Ferrari