I founded the Supply Chain Matters blog in 2008 to be an independent voice for providing insightful commentary on various developments occurring across global supply chains.  Our blog name was chosen and our commentaries reflect the theme that supply chain capabilities do matter for positive business performance. As an independent industry analyst and consultant with many years of experience in both supply chain business process and information technology, I utilize Supply Chain Matters as a social media conduit to educate audiences on important supply chain related developments, insights and learning occurring across industries and organization.

Several months ago, we noticed that the DHL Supply Chain organization elected to start a blog utilizing a similar name.  We have made several attempts to contact this organization to state that this site has the original naming, but being very large and arrogant, DHL has elected to ignore such requests.

For the record, this Supply Chain Matters web site will remain an independent and objective voice to global supply chain developments.  Our policy has always been one of thought leadership and an independent voice.

We do not collect and sell any information regarding our subscribers to third parties, and our readers should take comfort that we are not going to try to sell you any transportation nor supply chain services. Please feel free to add your email to our subscriber listing and to download any of our complimentary research and insight commentary.

We are the original Supply Chain Matters.

Bob Ferrari

Founder and Executive Editor