We have just added another interesting research report to our Supply Chain Matters complimentary research library. The report is titled:

Rolls Royce: Another Evolving Lesson in the New Social aspects of Risk Management for Supply Chains

This report reflects on the post- incident developments of the catastrophic Rolls Royce aircraft engine fire on board a Qantas A380 super jumbo aircraft, how social media played an important part in incident perceptions, and how the implications of social media manifest themselves in supply chain risk incidents.

This report can be accessed by either double-clicking on the title noted above or in our Research Center drop-down which is located on the top menu bar of the blog. A simple registration process is required to access these complimentary reports.

Research Calendar

In addition to the three currently available reports, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group has scheduled the following topics on our research agenda:

Q2: Update and assessment on the current and future state of supply chain risk assessment and mitigation

Q3: Assessment of the current landscape of supply chain analytics and business intelligence

Q4: Changing landscape of supply chain traceability

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