The news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti has spread throughout the world.  Our thoughts and prayers are focused on all the people of Haiti, whose lives have been tragically and forever impacted by this event.  Help is needed and time is of the essence.


From a supply chain view, the immediate focus is for response.  Extraordinary talented military and civilian logistics teams who, as we write, are planning and deploying means to get emergency supplies and services to those in need.  One of the U.S. Navy’s largest amphibious ships will be responding along with a hospital ship. President Obama has called on all nations to also respond.  The effort will likely continue for many days and weeks to come.


We can all, as a community of people, add our assistance in financial or other support.  Please, if you can, donate whatever you can to the relief effort to the charity of your choice.  Looking for ways to help, here is the link to the American Red Cross .