Supply Chain Matters calls specific reader attention to a very insightful blog posting from Canadian based recruiter Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting.

This week, Supply Chain Matters has been focusing on a theme of procurement leadership, not so much by design, but by events. In our posting on highlights from the SAP Ariba Live conference, we provided background perspectives on viewing the future of procurement. In our postscript to the Kobe Steel manufacturing quality fabrication scandal, we highlighted an example of how in-bread corporate culture can override the all-important focus on supplier trust and supplier quality of products.

We want to now call reader attention to a very well written, insightful and timely blog posting from Canadian based recruiting firm Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting. Within the blog: What’s the Cost of Bad Leadership in Procurement?, the underlying premise is that:

A bad hire at the junior level costs lots of money, but a bad hire at the leadership level has the potential to upset the apple cart and sink the company’s reputation, making it difficult to hire at all levels below it.”

The authors explain that even a company with a storied history and powerhouse brand as an employer can be tainted for the ability to attract required new talent, which has a pointed meaning in today’s supply chain talent perfect storm. There are also insightful examples of what bad leadership can look like, as well as what true procurement leadership can represent in terms of management and leadership skills.

The takeaway for readers is that companies need to be very careful about supply chain and procurement leaders that they attract and hire and we share in that belief. This Editor recommends that our readers have a look at the full blog.

Bob Ferrari