We pen this Supply Chain Matters blog on the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. This holiday represents a time for all to give thanks for family, friends and other gifts of life and joy in our lives.

We at Supply Chain Matters and the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group again extend to all readers and clients our wishes for a happy, safe, and joyful holiday.  The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group

This period serves as the initial start of the 2018 holiday customer fulfillment surge period which extends past the New Year’s holiday. By midnight this evening, online and physical retailers will have already begun their Black Friday promotional efforts hoping to secure a share of consumer holiday spending on gifts. Expectations are high for a robust holiday season and corresponding inventory is waiting to fulfill consumer needs.

B2C, retail and transportation industry focused supply chain management and logistics teams have made all their planning and preparations and now comes the time for execution and response to events that are sure to occur over the coming shopping days.

Already we have reports of a customer data breach involving Amazon accounts several days ago, with little specifics. Canada Post employees remain in a work stoppage while the networks of FedEx, UPS and now several large white glove 3PL’s will be constantly monitored. Investors will be scrutinizing any indications of Apple’s iPhone sales volumes for the holiday.

As with previous periods, there will be winners, opportunists, laggards and a few post-period casualties.

For now, let us all take some pause and give thanks for the many blessings we have.

Tomorrow is the new dawn of yet another challenge of supply chain management processes and respective B2B supply and B2C customer demand networks.


Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor