GT Nexus and Kinaxis have announced a strategic partnership directed at providing a cloud-based unified planning and execution platform for enterprise customers and business process outsourcing (BPO) service providers. This partnership is directed at combining the capabilities of both companies – the planning and simulation “brains” of the Kinaxis platform with the inter-enterprise B2B execution network of GT Nexus. The Kinaxis RapidResponse® Control Tower providing supply chain planning, demand management, S&OP, supplier collaboration, is to be coupled with the GT Nexus platform that provides real-time visibility to orders, inventory, shipments and commerce transactions from order point to final delivery and payment.

Kinaxis has been searching for a means to connect this provider’s supply chain planning and response capabilities directly to a B2B network platform and this partnership has the potential to provide broader appeal.

Supply Chain Matters will feature more in-depth commentary after securing more information related to this partnership.

Bob Ferrari

Disclosure: Kinaxis is one of other named sponsors of the Supply Chain Matters blog.