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Breaking Supply Chain Tech News- E2open to Become a Publicly Traded Company

The Supply Chain Matters blog This Week in Supply Chain Tech column features breaking news, that being an announcement that supply chain B2B Cloud supply chain business network platform technology provider E2open has entered into a business combination agreement to become a public traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.

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COVID-19 Learning- The Changing Requirements for Automated Online Customer Fulfillment

The Supply Chain Matters blog addresses how the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has already provided meaningful lessons regarding the future requirements and automation needs of online driven customer fulfillment. Contrasting approaches involving total automation of customer fulfillment processes, to that of Autonomous Mobile Robots that enhance worker efficiencies and productivity are explored.

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What Does SAP’s 2019 Financial Performance Portend for ERP and Supply Chain Management Technology Customers

In the light of SAP SE’s 2019 financial and business segment performance, the Supply Chain Matters blog focuses on what SAP’s future financial and operational performance metrics portend for SAP’s ERP and supply chain management focused customers and support partners in the coming months.

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Standard Chartered and Infor Announce Partnership to Leverage B2B Supply Chain Platform

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights this week’s announcement from global financial services banking firm Standard Chartered regarding a strategic agreement to introduce the B2B supply chain focused Infor Nexus network to the Bank’s clients as a means to facilitate digitizing the financial supply chain.

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Advanced Technology Driven Acquisitions Involving Transportation and Logistics

A Supply Chain Matters side panel blog provides added perspective to published 2020 Prediction related to transportation contracting, logistics processes and services industry segments, and how advanced technology enabled players or start-ups will add to disruptive forces within this industry segment. Specifically noted is this week’s announced acquisition by Trimble Transportation of TMS technology provider Kuebix.

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The Digital Supply Chain and the Relationship of Geospatial Technology

The Supply Chain Matters blog interrelates Digital Supply Chain capabilities with the added application of geospatial technology in supporting process capabilities where the interrelation of precise geographic location and linkage to key information is highly important.

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Summary Highlights of the 2019 OpenText Enterprise World Technology Conference

The Supply Chain Matters blog, in the presence of Executive Editor Bob Ferrari, provides summary highlights from the OpenText Enterprise World technology conference held earlier this month. 

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Salesforce Acquisition of Tableau Software- What it Means for Supply Chain Management Technology Strategy

The Supply Chain Matters blog weighs in on the definitive agreement announced by Salesforce.com to acquire data-analytics and visualization platform provider Tableau Software. Our initial emphasis is on what the acquisition implies for supply chain management technology strategy where Tableau has a noticeable presence.

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Supply Chain Matters Highlights of Oracle Modern Business Experience Conference- Summary Impressions

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a series of highlights and insights from attendance at the 2019 Oracle Modern Business Experience (MBX) conference. Part Five provides summary impressions of the conference and on Oracle’s current unfolding business and technology strategies.

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IBM’s Acquisition of Red Hat- What It Means for Supply Chain Management Technology Strategy

The biggest and likely most significant news in information technology in 2018 arrived this week with the announcement by IBM that the company intends to acquire open source Cloud-based technology provider Red Hat. In this Supply Chain Matters blog, we explore what may be the implications for supply chain management focused technology.

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