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Announcing Availability of Podcast Episode 10- Dealing with Online Retail’s Gorilla with Jason Boyce

The Supply Chain Matters blog announces availability of podcast Episode 10- Dealing with Online Retail’s Gorilla, a conversation with highly recognized Amazon expert, Jason Boyce.

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Shopify on a Mission to be an Amazon Alternative

Supply chain technology industry analyst and market influencer Bob Ferrari shares highlights of an interview held with online B2C technology provider Shopify’s Director of the Shopify Fulfillment Network. This provider has experienced explosive growth as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and has established aggressive future growth plans.

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The Next Challenge for Supply Chain Management Teams- The Holiday Fulfillment Quarter Begins

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides commentary related to the start of the 2020 holiday fulfillment quarter, one that provides high stakes and increased challenges for industry supply chain management teams and associated services providers. A looming unknown remains the COVID-19 disruption in all of its associated implications.

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The Notions of Retailer Target’s Online Fulfillment Business Transformation

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides added commentary to retailer Target’s ability to benefit from a four-year journey of online fulfillment business transformation, while overcoming traditional industry thinking, providing the leadership to make appropriate decisions and the wisdom to stay the course.

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Best Buy’s Financial And Operational Results Not Bad Considering Inventory Constraints

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides highlights of electronics and appliances retailer Best Buy’s latest financial and operational results and how this retailer has been able to achieve noteworthy performance despite inventory and physical store constraints.

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Home Improvement Retailer Home Depot Benefits from COVID-19 Demand

The Supply Chain Matters blog calls reader attention to home improvement retailer Home Depot whom this week reported record quarterly sales growth and operational performance.

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Walmart’s Latest Impressive Financial and Operational Performance

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues to highlight for readers the ongoing implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the most profound of which has the explosion in online buying among global consumers. Highlighted are the quarterly financial and operational performance aspects for retailers Walmart in the latest quarter.

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The Stakes for US Online Retail Dominance Become Far More Visible- The Operational Test

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a follow-up commentary added more perspective to Amazon’s recent blowout financial performance despite significant operational challenges. Further observed is how other online providers who made up-front investments were also able to benefit financially.

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Online Home Goods Retailer Wayfair Challenged in Achieving Profitability

Supply Chain Matters continues to highlight select 2019 financial performance data for certain online retail providers, now including Wayfair.com, that, in certain cases, points to challenged online business models in terms of operating profitability.

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Preliminary 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Online Sales Data Points to Mixed Results

Supply Chain Matters blog Executive Editor and supply chain management industry analyst Bob Ferrari reflects on recently reported Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday sales volumes and the challenges remaining for retail, supply chain and customer last-mile logistics fulfillment teams.

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