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Boeing Completes First Post-Grounding Delivery of a Completed 737 MAX Aircraft

The Supply Chain Matters blog indicates that this week represents a further milestone in efforts to return the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft family to operational service and to restore confidence among this aircraft’s supply and services partner network. A United Airlines flight crew took possession of a previously completed aircraft representing the first air carrier to take delivery since the FAA clearance occurred in mid November

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Boeing 737 MAX Receives Initial FAA Go-Ahead to Fly

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights today’s milestone announcement from the U.S. FAA clearing the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for operational flights after aircraft are retrofitted for required changes. While this unpleasant and difficult 20 month chapter comes to a close for Boeing, more challenges remain for the aircraft and for Boeing’s subsequent reputation.

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U.S. Congressional Report Faults Boeing and the FAA for 737 MAX Failures

The Supply Chain Matters highlights the now published explosive findings of a U.S. Congressional investigation regarding the safety and regulatory oversight of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This blog provides perspectives relative to global airline customer demand, Boeing, and its supply network stakeholder lenses.

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Last Week’s Important Milestone- Re-Certification Flights of the Boeing 737 MAX

The Supply Chain Matters blog marks a crucial milestone for commercial aircraft manufacturer Boeing, namely last week’s start of re-certification flights for the 737-MAX aircraft program. Two events, the tragic crashes involving two separate 737 MAX aircraft, and the coronavirus global pandemic have totally impacted the commercial aircraft industry’s multi-year product demand booking and supply network monthly production levels to the negative for many years to come.

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Additional Leadership Challenges for Boeing and the 737 MAX Aircraft Program

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on commercial aerospace manufacturer Boeing’s latest collection of executive leadership challenges related to returning the 737 MAX to global operational service, along with the implications for the company’s aircraft demand and supply networks, in the midst of the new COVID-19 global coronavirus outbreak.

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Boeing Communicates a Further Delay in Returning 737 MAX to Operational Service

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights this week’s announcement regarding yet another expected delay for the return to global wide operational service of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Developments will continue to be forthcoming, and with each, this industry’s aircraft demand and supply response networks will increasingly be further impacted.

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Boeing 737 MAX Grounding Crisis Update- New CEO Leadership Takes on Existing Challenges

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides added observations of the ongoing Boeing 737-MAX grounding crisis, the recent CEO change and the ongoing engineering and product management as well as supply network implications.

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Boeing Indeed Announces Temporary Suspension of 737 MAX Production With Added Implications

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates the global supply chain management community on yesterday’s decision by Boeing to temporarily suspend monthly production of the 737 MAX aircraft, along with the implications of that decision on the aircraft’s supplier network, on the global manufacturing economy and on the industry as a whole.

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