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More Episodes of Romaine Lettuce Contamination Across the U.S.: What is Advanced Technology’s Purpose?

Supply chain management technology industry analyst and Supply Chain Matters Editor Bob Ferrari, provides a commentary reflecting on the multiple romaine lettuce product contamination incidents and subsequent product recalls that have occurred in the U.S., and the specific role of advanced supply chain technologies in addressing this challenging and perplexing problem.

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BCG Report Outlines Blockchain Technology Use Cases in Factory of the Future

The Boston Consulting Group has published a new report, Blockchain in the Factory of the Future. The Supply Chain Matters blog has reviewed this report and believes that manufacturing teams may find interest in the report’s concepts and observations.

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FDA Approves Drug Safety Act Technology Pilot Submission

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights a rather significant announcement this week concerning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act, and the application of modern technology to address drug safety needs.

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Multiple Romaine Lettuce Product Recalls: U.S. Joint Regulatory Investigations Provide Ample Evidence to Problem Statements. Is the Answer a Specific Technology?

The latest U.S. government investigative report on the series of contaminated romaine lettuce incidents during 2018 has prompted Supply Chain Matters Editor Bob Ferrari to comment on where technology can play an important role. The answer is not Blockchain alone but in a full understanding of the problem to be solved and the benefits for all stakeholders.

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Blockchain and IoT Technology Learning Continues on Business Use Case and Technology Fronts

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights ongoing developments related to both blockchain and Internet of Things technology, and specifically Oracle’s recent efforts for supporting customer needs and requirements in each of these technology areas.

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Five Shipping Lines and CargoSmart Team-Up for Blockchain Enabled Shipping Process Improvements

Members of the Ocean Alliance, Tang Ming Lines, and CargoSmart are teaming-up to form a consortium to develop, implement and pilot blockchain technology enabled processes to address specific stakeholder network needs. This initiative and the Maersk-IBM initiative bear watching over the coming months.

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Walmart’s Blockchain Technology Mandate- Have Prior Mandates Provided Industry Learning

Walmart has declared yet another supply network technology mandate and the open question is whether prior learning, technology maturity and needs for industry buy-in have provided necessary learning. In this industry analyst editorial commentary, Supply Chain Matters explores the purpose, actions, industry governance and technology considerations that involve such mandates.

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Deep Dive 2017 Prediction Six- A Renaissance in Supply Chain Focused Business Services and Technology Investments

The following Supply Chain Matters blog is part of our ongoing series of deep dives into each of...

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