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Apple’s $430 Billion in U.S. Investment- Beyond the Veneer

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights Apple’s announced $430 billion in U.S. investment, but beyond a lot of veneer, the company’s supply network likely remains anchored in Asia.

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Insightful Reads- COVID 19 Vaccine and Apple Supply Network Challenges

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides reference to three insightful reports addressing both the ongoing COViD-19 vaccine production ramp-up, as well as Apple’s successes in managing its China based outsourced supply network.

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Reports of Worker Violence at Apple iPhone Factory in India

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights multiple reports that angry workers at the Wistron production facility located in southern India rioted on Saturday over alleged working conditions resulting in potentially costly physical and reputational damage to the facility.

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India Offers Lucrative Incentives to Attract Smartphone and Electronics Manufacturers

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights the formal announcement by India or a five-year manufacturing subsidy program that more than likely involves two significant global smartphone manufacturers, India’s own smartphone manufacturers, as well as electronics suppliers, all of which provides ample evidence that high tech manufacturing shifts beyond China are underway.

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Report Indicating That Foxconn to Step Up Production Capabilities in India and Taiwan

The Supply Chain Matters blog has previously called reader attention to moves by global based contract manufacturing services (CMS) provider Foxconn as indicative to high-tech and consumer electronics production strategic supply network sourcing strategies. A published report from Nikkei this week provides added evidence for adding contingency production in India, Vietnam and Taiwan.

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Is Apple Really Encouraging an Alternative Contract Manufacturer to Foxconn?

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights published reports indicating that Apple is encouraging an alternative contract manufacturer for existing provider Foxconn, but questions whether a more strategic geographic regional supply risk mitigation strategy is underway.

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Foxconn Accelerates High Tech Value Chain Integration Capabilities – A Potential Political Minefield for Apple

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a supply chain update perspective on some important industry sectors in the ongoing backdrop of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that continues to impact multi-industry supply chains. This particular commentary focuses on the high tech and consumer electronics sector, specifically strategic moves by Foxconn and Apple.

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Added Visibility to Apple’s Hardware Supply and Product Demand Risk Mitigation Efforts

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides an update on Apple’s ongoing supply and product demand network risk mitigation efforts in the light of an escalating trade war involving the United States and China.

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Signs of Structural Shifts in High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply and Demand Networks

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a commentary exploring what may be early signs that structural shifts in high tech and consumer electronics supply and demand networks are underway.

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