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Highlights of Airbus and Boeing Full Year 2018 Financial and Individual Supply Networks Operational Performance

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights 2018 full year financial and operational performance results from Airbus and Boeing. It is becoming ever clearer for both commercial aircraft aerospace manufacturers that individual supply network performance remains crucial in 2019 and beyond and will be the determinant of long-term goal attainment for investors, suppliers and customers.

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More Supply Network Challenges for Commercial Aerospace- Enter Arconic

Supply Chain Matters focuses on commercial aerospace industry supply networks ever-growing and more challenging scale-up needs and more evidence of OEM and major supplier self-induced management strategies that introduce more weighting on short-term financial return needs defeat the ability for the industry’s overall ecosystems to scale to fulfill multiyear order backlogs.

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Another Example of Investing in Supply Chain Digital Transformative Process Capabilities

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues to highlight current signpost examples in the deployment of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and other advanced technologies in the evolution toward supply chain digital transformative process capabilities.

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Airbus and Boeing Report Q3-2018 Operational Performance- A Better Picture but Challenges Remain

Both Airbus and Boeing have reported on operational performance and exited the September 2018 quarter showing signs of supply chain recovery, but Airbus continues to deal with the most significant challenge.

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Airbus and Boeing Financial Performances Reinforce that Supply Network Performance is Critical

Both Airbus and Boeing have each reported their first-half 2018 and Q2 financial performance numbers respectively. For both, meeting stated year-end commercial aircraft output goals requires overcoming existing supply network challenges in the coming weeks and months.

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Airbus Once Again Threatens Impacts of a Hard Brexit

UK based The Guardian reports that European based commercial aircraft manufacturer Airbus has confirmed that the company has undertaken serious consideration regarding the sourcing of aircraft wing manufacturing among British factories because of the continued lack of clarity relative to Brexit consultations.

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Airbus and Boeing Q1-2018 Operational Performance Points to Supply Chain Weak Links

Both Airbus and Boeing have reported on operational performance and exited the March 2018 quarter showing signs of supply chain strains, but Airbus is dealing with the most significant challenge.

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Post Dubai Air Show- Industry Euphoria and Building Supply Chain Challenges

With this week’s conclusion of the Dubai Air Show, commercial aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing touted large numbers of new customer orders for their innovative, more fuel-efficient aircraft. Both industry rivals departed with over 700 provisional orders valued at $75 billion, mostly for single-aisle aircraft. The reality, however, is beyond the sales euphoria, there are many supply chain management challenges that the industry will come to grips with over the coming months and years.

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Airbus and Boeing Q3 Operational Performance- Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Ever More Evident for Airbus

Supply Chain Matters continues with our ongoing commentary regarding both Airbus and Boeing production and supply chain performance in their respective commercial aircraft units. With Q3 and first nine-months operational performance now reported, it’s becoming clear that supply chain vulnerabilities for Airbus, are becoming more visible, potentially threatening annual operational and financial performance objectives.

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