The H.H. Franklin Center for Supply Chain Management at Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management earlier this month presented its Annual Harry E. Salzberg Memorial Award. The Salzberg award is noted as the oldest supply chain award in the United States and was created in 1949 with a gift from Murray Salzberg in honor of his father Harry E. Salzberg, a transportation entrepreneur. 

The announced winner of this year’s 65th Annual Salzberg award was Cummins, Inc., a global based designer manufacturer and distributor of Cummins Recipient of Syracuse University Salzberg Award.diesel and natural gas engines and related technologies. Accepting the award on behalf of Cummins was Theodusia Rush, Executive Director of Global Supply Chain Planning and Logistics. Presenting the award on behalf of the University is Gary La Point, Professor of Practice and Director of the Salzberg Program at Syracuse University.

Established in 1949, the annual Salzberg award is presented to an organizationor individual to recognize innovation and leadershipin transportation, logistics and supply chain management. The presentation event is a central component of Whitman’s Franklin Center for Supply Chain Management, a well noted academic program focused on preparing students in supply chain management.

This year’s Salzberg event further showcased the best and brightest of Whitman’s undergraduate and graduate SCM students. Cory Sanderson ’15 M.S., Alice Chen ’15 B.S., Prashanth Kammili ’16 MBA, Dinesh Ganesan ’15 M.S. and Puneet Kanchi ’16 MBA delivered a round-table presentation on how Omni-channels are transforming the retail paradigms.

The Zinsmeister Award was presented to Kenneth Dick ’15 B.S., and Lauryn Nicole Kulkarni ’15 B.S. received the Robert H. Brethen Prize. Both of these awards recognize outstanding academic achievement.

Supply Chain Matters Tip of the Hat Award


Supply Chain Matters extends its hearty “Tip of the Hat”  recognition to all of this year’s Salzberg event award participants.  Well done!

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor