Supply chain specialty recruiting firm TopGrading Solutions called my attention to their recent survey related to how long unemployed supply chain planning, purchasing, and consulting focused candidates will wait before taking a job with a lower salary.  Since TopGrading Solutions specializes in candidates in these specific sectors, there was unique survey base to test current thinking.

The results indicate a potential split in opinion, but that the majority of these professionals realize the overall worth of their specialized supply chain skills.  The majority of the contributor candidates surveyed (over 50%)indicate that even with this unprecedented global recession, they would wait from 2 months, to at least 4 months, before considering a cut in their previous annual salary. Only roughly 17% of survey respondents would consider a cut in annual salary in their first 90 days of job search.  Executives on the other hand view salary as one of other components in searching for a new position. 

Many supply chain professional and industry groups, as well as this author, have pointed to the increased gap for broader, and more experienced supply chain professionals.  Last July, The Global Supply Chain Professional Development Committee, a sub-team to the Supply Chain Operations Council (SCOR), commissioned AMR Research to conduct a research study that outlined the current extent of this skills gap, which affirms the view that gaps exist today and into the future. So in my view, talented supply chain professionals should continue to recognize their current and future worth in the skills marketplace.

One other worthy observation cited by TopGrading Solutions specialty recruiter Jason Breault, is that certain companies seem to be now recognizing that their teams were spread too thin during recent cutbacks, and that the job market for certain specialists may be beginning to bounce back. 

Let’s continue to hope that this continues.

 Bob Ferrari