Hi, I’m Bob Ferrari, the Founder and Executive Editor of this blog which was originated in 2008.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

My background relates to the practice of global supply chain management and includes multiple years of practical leadership experience in all aspects of supply chain business processes and supporting information technology. I classify myself as an independent supply chain industry analyst having had research director roles at top-tier industry analyst firms AMR Research (now Gartner) and IDC.

My perspectives and insights are derived from multiple years of supply chain planning, operations, customer service and program implementation leadership roles within industry and with enterprise software firms. My complete biography can be viewed at this web link.

In Supply Chain Matters, we provide independent, unbiased views, insights, and education into today’s burning topics surrounding the managing and deployment of global supply chains. Having viewed this area from many spectrums and constituencies, my goal is to present a balanced, educational  and insightful view of key topics, including guest contributions from other highly experienced professionals.

The goal here is to advance our collective learning, and I welcome your comments and feedback.

Our other arm and day job relates to The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC, which provides personalized consulting and research services in helping firms to overcome challenges in their supply chain strategic, tactical and information technology needs.  We provide specialized consulting to manufacturers, retailers and service firms in their supply chain technology strategies, programs and technology selection needs.  We additionally provide market development, social-media based product marketing, go-to-market and inbound lead generation consulting services to software and advanced technology firms.

You can send comments and feedback via the email:  [email protected]