Supply Chain Matters is very pleased to welcome River Logic Software as our newest Named sponsor.

Founded in 2000, River Logic is a privately held technology firm with a missioRiver Logic Softwaren to establish prescriptive analytics and optimization capabilities in business planning and decision support needs. This provider’s focus is on helping customers and business partners increase their performance, decision-making agility and ability to predict business outcomes.

As we have noted in many prior Supply Chain Matters industry-specific commentaries, the current clock speed of business change impacting industries is continuous. To insure overall agility to such changes, businesses must be able to make quick and informed decisions, in the context of expected business performance outcomes. The ability to analyze integrated supply chain operational and key financial data, and apply prescriptive outcomes by what-if analysis is now more than ever, an important capability to differentiate industry competiveness and adaptability.

River Logic provides a prescriptive analytics platform termed Enterprise Optimizer®, built on a service-oriented architecture that supports SaaS, on-premise, and soon, Cloud-based deployments. This is complemented by an Integrated Business Planning application that simplifies customer adoption among line-of-businesses and cross-functional supply chain teams. This Editor has had the opportunity to review River Logic’s software capabilities along with expected new releases of functionality coming in the not too distant future.

River Logic technology supports a wide range of integrated business planning needs including:

Strategic – Asset investment planning, healthcare population management

Tactical – Advanced S&OP, utility infrastructure planning, workforce planning

Operational – Scheduling policy optimization, cash management, truck loading.

River Logic applications have been developed and deployed across multiple industries, including manufacturing, healthcare (for both providers and payers), natural resources, logistics and transportation, government and financial services.

In conjunction with River Logic, Supply Chain Matters will be featuring a series of market education commentaries related to enterprise optimization and prescriptive analytics applied to critical decision-making needs such as integrated business planning and sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes.

Our topical commentaries will address and include among other topics:

  • The key differences in descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities applied to planning processes.
  • What is enterprise optimization and can it be a achievable goal?
  • The shortcomings of traditional business intelligence in addressing expected future business outcomes
  • Means for enhancing supply chain and business planning analytics capabilities, along with examples of prescriptive analytics and simulation capabilities applied to S&OP processes.

Join me in welcoming River Logic Software as our new sponsor of enterprise and supply chain planning and intelligence thought leadership. For more information regarding this innovative technology provider, readers are welcomed to visit this River Logic web site.

River Logic has made available a complimentary white paper that fully describes why successful, modern supply chain planning requires Enterprise Optimization™ along with benefits of Enterprise Optimization™ to S&OP strategy. That paper can be obtained by accessing this dedicated web link.

Bob Ferrari

Founder and Executive Editor