Supply Chain Matters is very pleased to announce to our readers that Vanguard Software Corporation is our newest Named Sponsor.

From this analyst’s lens, Vanguard represents one of the best kept secrets in the contiguous areas of supply chain management planning, simulation, and advanced analytics capabilities. The company was founded in 1995 as a toolset provider of modeling, simulation and expert advanced analytics application support capabilities and has since transitioned to a complete supply chain management planning and simulation application support provider.

In its first decade, Vanguard focused on addressing and solving specialized or custom customer needs in various line-of-business or operational supply chain areas. The tech provider’s techVangard Software Corporationnology made its transition to a Cloud-based delivery platform in the early 2000-time  window, followed by agent-based simulation, grid computing and stochastic optimization capabilities being developed in the 2005-2010 time period.

Vanguard Forecast Server™, an integrated set of supply chain optimization and business planning capabilities was introduced to the market in 2011 and served as a means to package and integrate a broad set of planning and simulation capabilities. Overall functionality within this suite spans areas from sales forecasting and demand planning, to sales and operations planning (S&OP), integrated business planning (IBP) and financial planning and advanced analytics support capability needs. Forecast Server further includes support for multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) analysis and management. Forecast Server further includes embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology elements.

Vanguard Forecast Server represents single development code capability that can be deployed as either on-premise or public Cloud deployment. Vanguard has further architected the technology on a foundation of Mesh Compute Platform architecture, meaning that every server is a complete copy of any other deployed Cloud servers. That provides customers the benefit of a leveraging a global-wide deployment and scale with very high availability uptimes. The Vanguard platform can also be used in conjunction with other backbone platforms including Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

This supply chain industry analyst has also had the opportunity to view a complete demonstration of Forecast Server’s user interfaces and embedded functionality. I was extremely impressed with the HTML-5 web native interface, the simplicity of menus and dashboards, the ability to integrate supplier and customer planning data and the workflow process-centric means for scenario-based planning and simulation. The application provides the ability to tie financial plans into various demand and supply scenarios, that can include cash-flow outlays, cost-of-goods sold (COGS) or customer service metrics such as fill-rate performance. I witnessed relatively simple flexibility of various user menus and the overall power of the application in its ability to drill-down on planning elements, while providing users the ability leverage combinations of predictive or prescriptive analytics.

Industry vertical presence among existing 3400 customers in 68 countries include those with complex uncertainty or challenging supply chain planning, optimization and simulation needs. That currently includes customer profiles that span commercial aerospace, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and specialized consumer product goods domains. Customer profiles currently range from $50 million to $50 billion in annual sales.

In the coming weeks, the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group will be publishing a research paper focusing on the unique needs of planning and simulation among today’s more complex supply chain landscapes and how Vanguard is addressing such challenges.

Join me in welcoming Vanguard Software Corporation as a sponsor of Supply Chain Matters and our platform supply chain management insights and though leadership. For more information regarding this innovative technology provider, readers are welcomed to click on the Vanguard Software logo appearing on our Named Sponsors panel.


Bob Ferrari

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