Supply Chain Matters is very pleased to announce and welcome as our newest Named sponsor, LLamasoft Inc.

LLamasoft’s is a supply chain technology innovator focused on hard-core predictive and prescriptive analytics, and their software is used across the globe in every major industry to enable continuous supply chain design. This Editor and independent supply chain industry analyst has been following the stellaLLamasoft_Logo_150r growth of this software provider since its founding, and LLamasoft’s market prominence remains impressive.  In fact, in each of the last four years LLamasoft has been recognized on the Deloitte Fast 500 as the fastest-growing supply chain software company in North America.

After the initial release of its flagship product Supply Chain Guru in 2002, LLamasoft has substantially increased its market presence. It was the first company to offer supply chain simulation technology alongside numerous optimization approaches (network, multi-echelon inventory, production, capacity, product flow-path, cost-to-serve, etc.) to enable better analysis of time, variability, and risk.  LLamasoft was also an early leader in the “green” supply chain movement by offering a fully integrated greenhouse gas emission modeling capability. In 2012 LLamasoft launched its transportation optimization tool, and numerous other product developments and innovations led to its 2014 launch of, the first cloud-based supply chain design platform and DataGuru, a first of its kind data blending and connectivity application.

In 2015 LLamasoft announced the acquisition of the IBM LogicTools suite, as well as the Barloworld supply chain software division which included the CAST and Optimiza network design and planning products. In that same year the company received a $50 million capital investment from Goldman Sachs for accelerated development and growth initiatives.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and with offices across the globe, LLamasoft remains an active leader and innovator in supply chain excellence and innovation, advancing technology focused on continuous improvement of enterprise supply chains involving a variety of well recognized enterprises. Today, over 50 percent of Fortune 100 member supply chains are designed with LLamasoft technology.

In conjunction with LLamasoft’s sponsorship, Supply Chain Matters will be featuring over the next 6 months an updated market education series of commentaries related to supply chain wide visibility. This is an area consistently cited by many supply chain leaders as a continued perplexing challenge. It is an area that includes the need for a unified source of supply chain planning and fulfillment information with data that is accurate, consistent and cleansed. It requires a data streaming effort that can be leveraged by supplemental applications that support data visualization, analytics and enhanced and more-timely decision-making.

In our forthcoming market education series Supply Chain Matters will address the foundational aspects and business process foundations of extended supply chain visibility. We will further address information technology considerations as well as critical success factors, change management and key learning derived from various industry initiatives in this area.

Join me in welcoming LLamasoft as our new sponsor of supply chain wide visibility thought leadership. For more information regarding this innovative technology provider, readers are encouraged to visit the LLamasoft web site.

Bob Ferrari

Founder and Executive Editor