It is my sincere pleasure to announce that BIQ has elected to become a sponsor of this blog, and we welcome Eric Strovink and his able team to the Supply Chain Matters thought leadership community.

BIQ technology can best be described as self-enabling business intelligence and insight.  Founded in 2003, BIQ’s business premise is that business analysts need a powerful transactional data analysis tool that they can operate on their own, without the burden of long-term licensing commitment.  The tool needs to be flexible, yet powerful enough to analyze difficult or complex problems. BIQ’s marketing message notes that the company is entirely focused on making users of BIQ technology the smartest people in the room by providing the most advanced analysis system, which is a fairly clear and simple statement of this vendor’s capabilities.

BIQ offers a rather flexible deployment model which allows customers the ability to utilize a ‘pay-as-you-go’ arrangement, which greatly helps in the justification and benefits derived from use of this technology.  This is quite a refreshing change from having to lock-in a long-term commitment. We have often noted that with the increasing complexity involved in supporting global-wide supply chain activities, knowledge management becomes a rather critical competency, and BIQ supports this capability.The application of BIQ’s technology lies in many different areas of supply chain and procurement business processes, the most obvious of which is procurement spend analysis or discovering cost savings opportunities. In my recent discussion with Eric, he mentioned a broader array of use cases including the analysis of customer demand, aftermarket service and inventory needs, and other areas.  One of the most obvious testimonials to the power of the BIQ analysis engine is that many consultants and systems integrators utilize the tool in their ongoing consulting engagements, and their clients will often adopt the tool for ongoing use.

Please join me in welcoming BIQ to the Supply Chain Matters sponsor community. Take a moment to explore BIQ’s capabilities.

Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor