Since the founding of the Supply Chain Matters blog in 2008, our goal is to produce industry analyst caliber insights and commentary for our readers. Ours was the first bold effort to provide an alternative to the traditional industry analyst model. We favor a far more open model, that being the experienced independent industry analyst and consultant offering seasoned insights related to supply chain management related business processes and information technology without the biases, encumbrances and expense of larger, traditional firms. We are far more accessible for providing follow-up personalized research and consulting services without having to endure layers of organizational inertia and analyst egos to gain such services.

We develop content for the broad supply chain management and B2B community and our efforts are directed at providing knowledge without technology vendor biases or influences. Unlike some sites, when we have an association with a vendor or sponsor, we will openly disclose such an association in our commentaries.

You, our readers, acknowledged our efforts by increasing our site visit numbers every subsequent year, and we are gratified by the positive feedback and blog awards. We again extend our thanks and appreciation.

To fund the efforts and expenses of this site, we continually recruit a limited amount of sponsors whom we believe value the existence of quality thought leadership.  Not being naïve, we know that there needs to be something of additional value for our sponsors. Thus we include personalized services and tailored social media based marketing services for our sponsors.

It is and has always been our policy to not share or sell the identity of our readers and subscribers to any third party.

The competitive landscape continues to change and technology and service providers demand more detailed data related to “influence” of a particular site. We also continue to discover that some readers are free and loose regarding copyrighted content or fail to follow basic norms regarding citation of content.

In the coming months, we will be initiating some changes regarding accessibility to Supply Chain Matters research and insights. The Research Center, located on the top menu bar, is an area where our readers can download comprehensive research reports at no charge. Candidly, this area is somewhat of a kludge behind the scene, making it difficult to populate and continually maintain research documents. This has limited our ability to provide more research focused insights and documents as well as making archived copies of our Quarterly Newsletter more accessible. We are now in the midst of a development project to streamline our Research Center with an easier download experience for our readers and affords us the ability to add or remove downloadable documents in a much easier manner. It will provide us the ability to offer research documents on either the blog or our consulting web domains. These development efforts lay the foundation for our ability to provide unique and cost affordable paid research reports in the future.

Previously, most of our deepest insights related to industry supply chains and enabling technology have been offered in the open blog format.  We will in the coming weeks and months, begin to formulate these types of insights into short research briefs, industry or technology vendor perspectives that will specifically be made available for download.  Supply Chain Matters and the Ferrari Research and Consulting Group will continue to require a minimal amount of registration information to receive downloadable documents, specifically name, title, organization and email address. Such information will help us to better identify our reader audience and we assure our readers that no registration information will be sold.  The added information will help us to better identify our scope of readership audience along with the ability to tailor more industry specific research needs.

Once again, our sincere thanks for your continued readership and we believe you will enjoy a more diversified and enhanced Supply Chain Matters reader experience in the coming weeks and months.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor