It occurred to me that it has been some time since we communicated our guidelines regarding briefings from supply chain technology vendors.  First, Supply Chain Matters welcomes vendor briefings. It fulfills our role to bring awareness and education to the broader global supply chain management community.  Our goal is to provide commentary spanning two market segments:  Fortune 1000 companies and small and medium businesses.  We are interested in providers who are offering innovative and leading-edge supply chain related technology that may be a bit constrained by marketing resources in getting the word out to a broader community.  One advantage we have over fairly large analyst firms is the personal attention we provide.

Our briefings are not a one-way exercise where you have a limited time to convince an analyst that your firm has the coolest technology.  Our briefings provide some value for both parties. We encourage a two-way interchange of information, so do come prepared to articulate and defend value to prospective customers.

Because of attention to personal service, we cannot assure that all vendor briefing requests will be able to be fulfilled. To provide a bit more structure, we are setting aside some dedicated days each month just to schedule briefings. Although we cannot assure that every vendor will get some mention in Supply Chain Matters commentary, those that have an interesting role to play in the market most definitely will. Finally, Please remember that Supply Chain Matters commentaries mentioning specific vendor capabilities are not licensed and cannot be reproduced for marketing purposes.  Only designated sponsors of Supply Chain Matters have that option.

If you would like to schedule a briefing, please send an email to info <at> blog1 dot com.  In your email, provide us a short description of the firm, the supply chain aspects of the specific technology, along with email and phone contact information.

Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor