Supply Chain Matters pens this commentary from JDA Software’s FOCUS 2015 conference being held this week in Orlando Florida. In our previous two dispatches, we updated readers on the day one opening keynote sessions and on our impressions of JDA’s technology direction.

Our perceptions of JDA’s past FOCUS events included an observation that despite its Manugistics and i2 Technologies roots in supporting the supply chain technology needs for both discrete and process focused industries, there appeared to be more concentrated amount of customer messaging directed at retail industry needs. With the new challenges brought about by Omni-channel customer fulfillment needs, the challenges of retail industry are indeed prominent. But, industry supply chains are infinity connected together, as industries such as consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics and others are far more focused on customer centricity.

Day two of this year’s FOCUS keynotes featured a customer theme. Presenters included senior supply chain executives from Edwards Lifesciences and PepsiCo.

This author has long admired PepsiCo’s supply chain capabilities, and candidly, has not garnered the recognition that it deserves. PepsiCo and specifically the Frito-Lay group have led the way in Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and packaged product promotional PepsiCo presentation at JDA FOCUS 2015support programs that custom assemble and deliver end-of-aisles promotional product. This morning, Rich Beck, Senior Vice President of PepsiCo Global Operations addressed the timeline of PepsiCo’s supply chain transformation journey that dates back to the early nineties that includes former Manugistics and i2 Technologies and other applications. Under Beck’s leadership, transformational efforts have accelerated. Interesting enough, the relationship with JDA technology is a 20 year legacy, which is somewhat extraordinary in the supply chain best-of-breed technology industry.

Transformation is continuous and moving forward. Pepsico’s supply chain teams are now focused on the next phase, which includes an emphasis on device mobility in all supply chain applications, further adoption of cloud-based delivery IT infrastructure along with leveraged use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in connecting manufacturing with the supply chain. There was additional mention of piloting a virtual control center environment allowing teams to remotely monitor and adjust manufacturing volumes based on product demand. Each of these broad initiatives is directed at five specific business priorities, including product innovation, enhanced execution and driving additional cash returns. Once more, environmental sustainability remains an important dimension and includes elements of clean water, zero landfill usage, innovative packaging, sustainable agriculture and other initiatives.

We extend a Supply Chain Matters Tip of the Hat to Pepsico’s extended supply chain Supply Chain Matters Tip of the Hat Awardteam for their extraordinary and continuous transformational efforts along with demonstrating that advanced technology, social and environmental responsibility can make a difference in supply chain business process capabilities.

Kudo’s to this year’s JDA FOCUS planning team for featuring a customer keynote that demonstrates the notions of a food, beverage, snacks and agricultural producer, a customer-centric driven supply chain with direct interactions and collaboration with various retail supply chains.

In our remaining commentaries related to this year’s FOCUS conference, we will highlight major announcements and other observations.

Stay tuned.


Bob Ferrari

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