Supply Chain Matters pens this commentary from JDA Software’s FOCUS 2015 conference wrapping up today in Orlando Florida. To view our prior observations and commentaries, please click on the below:

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For the past ten years, in conjunction with the FOCUS customer conference, JDA’s Real Results Awards recognizes noteworthy customer demonstrations of innovation and business process excellence among six categories. The winners announced this year were:

Best Cost SavingsEdwards Lifesciences who decreased inventory by 13 percent and reduced its global expedited logistics costs by $2.8 million from 2011-2013. This customer presented its experiences during yesterday’s customer keynote sessions.

Best Partner ProjectEl Palacio de Heirro for its partnership with netLogistiK, a JDA alliance member to transform outdated infrastructure into a modern and robust WMS platform.

Best Collaboration– Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for improved collaboration between commercial and manufacturing teams for production planning and scheduling processes, enabling the identification of capacity issues earlier in the process, and improvements in order-to-delivery processes.

Best Result in RetailGrupo Marti for automating its retail sports equipment replenishment processes through more accurate forecasting, factoring seasonality and sales promotional programs, while substantially improving inventory management and retail store replenishment.

Best Time to ValueKenco for its joint efforts with JDA Consulting Services in going live with a specific 3PL customer’s JDA Warehouse Management System in just nine months, achieving full productivity within two weeks from go-live.

Best Result in ManufacturingTyco in its leveraged use of warehouse management applications to automate and standardize its distribution centers resulting in 36 percent reductions in warehousing costs at installed locations while dramatically improving lines shipped per hour.

Supply Chain Matters echoes our well-done and congratulations to the implementation teams representing each of these award winners. For further details regarding each of these awards, our readers can review the JDA press release related to the 2015 Real Results awards.

This year’s FOCUS indeed included a special emphasis on the needs to support Omni-channel customer fulfillment needs, especially the various aspects of JDA’s Intelligent Fulfillment and JDA’s Flowcasting applications. This year’s FOCUS included the unveiling of new capabilities to the JDA Intelligent Fulfillment and Transportation portfolios, including more granular, warehouse aware item definitions to improve load building, support for dynamic shipment splitting and prioritization, as well as other enhancements to integrated fleet and transportation management. This author had the opportunity to view sessions on each of these applications and will provide separate impressions commentaries at a later date.

Suffice to indicate that we were impressed by the depth of functionality.

We were also updated on the progress of JDA’s partnership with IBM to address the needs to process and fulfill retail industry Omni-channel orders. The partnership calls for combining the elements of JDA’s warehouse management, demand and workforce planning support capabilities with IBM’s Sterling Distributed Order Management network platform. JDA communicated to conference attendees that the initial release of this functionality will become available in June.

In our final commentary, we will summarize our overall impressions and takeaways from FOCUS 2015.

Bob Ferrari

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