We would like to inform our global-wide Supply Chain Matters readers that our staff and this Editor will be taking a brief pause from Saturday, September 7 thru Monday, September 16, for annual vacation.

There will therefore be no additional blog activities, unless conditions warrant, until our return. The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group

In the meantime, we have previously published a number of important editorial commentaries that readers are encouraged to review:

Not the New Normal for Global Wide Supply Chain Management Teams, provides an argument that Q4-2019 is shaping up to be not the new normal for global wide supply chain management teams, and rather a point where resiliency and agility can no longer be sustained by many.

Two of our recent commentaries focused on the escalated U.S. and China trade war impacts on multi-industry supply chains: An Escalating U.S. and China Trade War- Others Weigh In as to What Next in Negotiations, dives into the consequential political dimensions and industry forces that will either shorten or elongate the current tariff actions and their impacts. With each cycle of escalation, the ongoing trade war affects broader businesses, industries, consumer and services companies on both sides. Such effects cascade across adjacent and dependent supply and customer demand networks, with broader economic and other harmful implications. An editorial Added Developments and Inconsistencies Related to Escalation of U.S. and China Trade War, was an update to breaking news highlighting China’s imposition of retaliatory import tariffs and President Trump’s ordering of companies to exit China.

Addressing industry-specific challenges and developments:

The Notions of Senior Executive Changes Among Consumer Goods Business and Supply Chain Management, reflects on ongoing industry changes occurring among consumer product goods firms and the notions of executive leadership qualifications or criteria that drives the most effective needed business change. In retail omni-channel fulfillment capability.

A Different Best Buy Narrative for Omni-Channel and Supply Network Fulfillment provides an updated commentary on retailer Best Buy’s ongoing transformation in Omni-channel and supply network fulfillment capability.

Report Indicates Aggressive Future Production Planning By Boeing, highlights the latest ongoing challenges related to the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft global-wide grounding, and efforts and challenges now being undertaken by Boeing from supply and customer demand network dimensions. The entire effort will require extraordinary synchronization of planning, logistics and supply network execution.

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